Dramatic Orchestral Trailer

Dramatic Orchestral Trailer

Dramatic and very emotional track, which combines orchestra, electronic elements and beautiful female vocals (instrumental version included). Beginning with distant piano and vocals this composition gently moves towards the emotional, slightly sad part and finally ends with gradual buildup of epic full orchestra, percussion and choir.

Contains 5 versions, standardized to commercial lengths:

  1. Dramatic Orchestral Trailer [120sec] – 2:07
  2. Dramatic Orchestral Trailer [2min30sec] – 2:36
  3. Dramatic Orchestral Trailer [2min20sec] – 2:21
  4. Dramatic Orchestral Trailer [90sec] – 1:27
  5. Dramatic Orchestral Trailer [60sec] – 1:03

Ideal for following use:

  • Movie trailer
  • Game trailer
  • Documentary
  • Film
  • Teaser
  • Commercial
  • Gameplay video
  • Podcast
  • Cinematic sequences

Mix and match different versions to match your needs, for example:

  • Replace the long intro of 2nd version by a shorter one from 1st version, or if you need a 2 minute track without vocals you can take the first half from the 4th version and combine it with the 1st version.

If you have any questions or if track customization is needed – please feel free to contact me via comments section, social networks or directly from profile page!

Thanks for choosing our track!