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Muse called, said they wanted their track back! :) haha, that’s a compliment, this is very professional sounding. Awesome job!

Haha thanks very much Semblance! :)

Great track Jake :) Just wanted to say thanks and that I used it on one of my animations


Wow Ralf, that’s a great animation! Thanks so much for the purchase and for sharing your work, was pleasure to seeing it :)

I was wondering, is there a version of this song available for purchase that does not include the gong hits that start up at around the 1:22 mark?

Great track! Really awesome work!

Thanks JPellegrini! Feel free to message me if you still want to discuss edits.

I love this song so much that I’ve played it 85 times so far. What chords does this composition use? I’d like to try to play them in Garage Band

Wow! That’s quite a lot :D Thanks so much for listening! This uses a i-VI-III-V progression in A# minor. Have fun ;)

Couldn’t hold myself from commenting on this one.
This track is an example of a good taste and proper balance of all ingridients, which are very important for commercial music. Great work :)

p.s. I noticed one incignificant but interesting detail in the track, but I won’t reveal it here, I consider it as an author’s “special watermark” :D
Superb work, anyway!

Thanks very much Andrew! :D I’m curious now, shoot me an email ;)

This masterpiece is so beautiful it almost made me cry :crying:

You are very talented! THANKS

Wow! Thanks so much for purchasing and listening 123effects, I hope they were tears of joy at least ;)

This is indeed an Epic !

Thanks for the comment vaynelabs! :)

hello is the delay of silence actually in the purchased track version too ? or is it just in the preview ?

Hi cyzer, the delay is just in the preview. Thanks for asking.

If i buy the fantastic music I will not have problem with youtube when i upload my video ?

Hi veffix just an update for you, none of my music is associated with AdRev, so you would have no problems at all using it on Youtube. I hope this helps!


This is magnificient! I´ve have the same question, can i use in my video in yuotuve, if i buy you provide a purchased license certificate? Thanks. You are Epic.

Regards. :-)

Yes definitely jorgelina, a purchase certainly qualifies you to use the track on Youtube. You are EPIC as well :D

Thanks for the nice work. I used your music in one of my projects. The client loved it!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing that dok1810, I’m glad you found it useful :)

Beautiful track!

Thank-you kvancho! :)

Have you considered doing a longer or looped version? Desperately need another minute of this!

Hey apdiving, yes I can consider creating a looped version for you, feel free to message me.

Hi Audiophile-trax :

I’d like too a looped version for a few minutes longer, i really love this theme. Thanks . You are the best!.

Thanks jorgeline, feel free to message me to discuss further, thanks

My favourite Epic on AJ) Amazing feelings from listening this track!

Thanks Melatronic, very kind of you! Thanks for listening!

Wonderful track, Audiophile-trax! I’ve only just got a chance to check out your portfolio; some great stuff in there! Just wanted to drop by and congratulate you for being featured author this week! Have a great week! :)

Thanks very much AurusAudio! I appreciate you taking the time to check it out :)

Congratulations on the feature! I see it’s very well-deserved. This track is so well done, and +1 on the Muse vibe! :)

Thanks a lot DaySwirl! I appreciate the kind words :)

Amazing track! So emotional :-)

Thanks a lot Mr_S :)

Fits perfectly to my new timelapse-video, it made 13K views in 2 days :) Thank you!


Thank-you for sharing gerygrey, cool video! Congrats on the success :)

Is this available with stems? Or can it be made to be?

Hi huacuja, if you’d like to discuss ordering stems feel free to message me from my profile page. Thanks