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A great piece. Very versatile and useful

Hope so :) Thanks!

I have listened to this almost 100x (not exaggerating) since downloading it yesterday! This is such a MOTIVATIONAL/inspiring, uplifting piece. The name “Don’t Look Back” is so fitting!! Hope there is more of this from DamianN

Thanks, I have more pieces with similar mood, but I have no time for music now… But thanks for your words anyway, I’ll try to finish at least one in the next week :) Cheers

You’re welcome :)

This just breaks my heart… :crying: So touching…

Glad you like it, but don’t exaggerate :) This is a motivational track only, there are many more touching pieces.

Great! Dzieki, Damian :D

Spoks, polecam sie na przyszlosc

Really beautiful track, nice work!

Thanks :kiss:

excellent work! =)

Hey, thanks! FL Studio Rocks!