Digital Data Readout and Counter Pack

Digital Data Readout and Counter Pack

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About this sound pack.

This pack of seamlessly looping data readout / counter sounds provides the perfect set of accents for your heads up display visuals, giving your videos, games, or apps a hi-tech feel. Ideal for use with score counters, timers, digital typing and text displays, computer readouts, and much more.

Included Files.

There are EIGHT individual counter loops included in this sound effect pack, giving you lots of flexibility. Each counter is a 1 second seamless loop to easily fit the length you need. Also included are single beeps of each counter, for dynamic playback should you need to control or modulate the speed yourself. The single beeps also work great as button click or user interface sounds. Here they are in order of appearance in the preview track:

  1. Data Counter Loop 01 (1 second)
  2. Data Counter Loop 02 (1 second)
  3. Data Counter Loop 03 (1 second)
  4. Data Counter Loop 04 (1 second)
  5. Data Counter Loop 05 (1 second)
  6. Data Counter Loop 06 (1 second)
  7. Data Counter Loop 07 (1 second)
  8. Data Counter Loop 08 (1 second)
  9. Data Counter Single 01 (0.06 seconds)
  10. Data Counter Single 02 (0.06 seconds)
  11. Data Counter Single 03 (0.04 seconds)
  12. Data Counter Single 04 (0.07 seconds)
  13. Data Counter Single 05 (0.05 seconds)
  14. Data Counter Single 06 (0.06 seconds)
  15. Data Counter Single 07 (0.06 seconds)
  16. Data Counter Single 08 (0.04 seconds)
Each sound is its own separate file provided as full resolution WAV.

Need Analog?

Check out my other pack of ANALOG data readout / counter sounds, perfect for a more mechanical or natural feel.

Thank you!

Thank you in advance for your purchase, and please feel free to contact me with any of your sound or music needs!