Digital Calm Pack

Digital Calm Pack

This Music Pack includes:

  1. Digital Calm Background
    • 1 – Digital Calm Background short (1:12);
    • 2 – Digital Calm Background long (1:44);
    • 3 – Digital Calm Background loop (1:04).
  2. Technology Digital Glitch
    • 1 – Technology Digital Glitch short (1:25);
    • 2 – Technology Digital Glitch main (2:13);
    • 3 – Technology Digital Glitch loop (0:32).
  3. Digital Calm Soft
    • 1 – Digital Calm Soft short (1:09);
    • 2 – Digital Calm Soft main (1:45);
    • 3 – Digital Calm Soft loop (0:38).

It is a digital electronic background ambient music for your modern technological project! Calm and soft electronic sounding. This digital ambient background music perfect for science, medical and other technology projects.


Background, Electronic, Digital, Ambient.


Atmospheric pads, synth, digital drums, deep bass.

Promotional videos, openers, logos, podcasts, background, commercials, coaching, corporate videos, inspiring media, inspirational projects, life achievements, photo slideshows, motivational presentations, personal growth, tv adverts, TV Promotion, School and College Work, Viral Marketing Campaign, Youtube Channel Intro / Outro, Crowdfunding movie, kickstarter videos, website, web advertising, youtube, vimeo, After Effects Projects, videohive, Holiday and Vacation Videos, Sports Media.

Both WAV and MP3 versions of the track are included in the download package.

Thanks for listening and purchasing ;)

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