Delightful Story

Delightful Story

Every musician in here has got one so do I now too – very popular combination of instruments – ukulele, guitar, glockenspiel or bells if you don’t want to use German naming, hand claps. Also the mood – most important thing – jolly, positive, delight, uplifting.

This one would be perfect background music for various of subjects in your productions: insurance products, kids stuff, travel, everyday cosmetics, photography, mobile phones, pads, computers … pretty much everything.

I hope you like it.

Before decide not to buy – check my collections:

Before you decide not to buy any of above – check my portfolio:

Eco-rporate 2
Eco-rporate 3
Eco-rporate 4
Eco-rporate 5
Eco-rporate 6
Eco-rporate 7
Eco-rporate 8
Eco-rporate 9
Eco-rporate 10
Eco-rporate 11
Eco-rporate 11 remix
Eco-rporate 12
Eco-rporate 13

Nice and “soft” house style loop:
Take it easy

...and some drum and bass stuff:
media intro 1
media intro 2
media loop 1
media loop 2
media loop 3