Deep House Pack

Deep House Pack

Uplifting House

Uplifting House – this is a bright, positive, commercial track in the style of a house. Perfect for advertising, stylish, modern, fresh projects, projects related to advertising, in the summer, beauty, beauty blogs, as a background and for a slide show. For convenience, there are three versions:
  1. Main (01:40) version is with a gradual development, a break and two parts;
  2. Sature (01:07) – version without intro, with maximum saturation;
  3. Light (01:08) – intro version and easy arrangement.

Lounge Fashion Vibe

Lounge Fashion Vibe – is groove, electronic track in the style of deep house, techno. Perfect for fashionable, fresh, stylish, modern, design projects and videos. 5 versions are presented:
  1. Main (01:20) – main version without intro with the main theme.
  2. Short1 (00:50) – short version with a simpler arrangement
  3. Short2 (00:50) – similar to the previous version, but with a more intense arrangement
  4. Medium (01:10) – intermediate version without intro, with longer development
  5. Long (02:23) is the longest version, with an introduction, a development and two accented parts.

Positive House Background

Positive House Background – is a bright, electronic, positive, optimistic house / edm track. Perfect for background projects, presentations, promo, inspiring and motivating projects. It consists of bright, light synthesizers, soft, deep, telogo bass, energetic party rhythm.

For your convenience, there are four versions:
  1. Main (02:10) – full version with intro and two parts
  2. Long (01:05) – for a long presentation and slideshow
  3. Medium (00:35) – most saturated version without intro
  4. Short (00:20) – for a quick, bright projects