Deep Fly-By Whoosh Pack

Deep Fly-By Whoosh Pack

Quick deep cinematic fly-by whooshes with abstract metallic industrial sound.
Used for transitional elements, movement, motion, and flyby effects in trailers, movies, intros, logos, indents, websites, or music compositions.

These sounds are totally unique, they are part of my personal sound library. Recorded with high quality equipment and edited in stereo at high fidelity.

Files included:

Woosh_flyby.wav 0:07
Woosh_flyby_2.wav 0:07
Woosh_flyby_3.wav 0:07
Woosh_flyby_4.wav 0:07
Woosh_flyby_5.wav 0:07
Woosh_flyby_6.wav 0:07
Woosh_flyby_7.wav 0:07
Woosh_flyby_8.wav 0:07
Woosh_flyby_9.wav 0:07
Woosh_flyby_10.wav 0:07
Woosh_flyby_11.wav 0:07
Woosh_flyby_12.wav 0:07
Woosh_flyby_13.wav 0:07
Woosh_flyby_14.wav 0:07

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