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Why that listening to this composition… I have thought of call of duty. About freedom.

Good. Very good.

Thanks for the kind words.

is there a way to get this (in the next day) with a version without the voices? (I’d like to be able to fade them in and out independent of the rest of the music.) I would love to purchase this, if this can be worked out! Thanks!

Oh man I haven’t checked my comments in awhile. This is a bit late, but I am about to release a version without the voices.

Alright, I’m now onto a different project. And we’d like to use the song for this one, as well! But, we’d need the version with the voices and piano independent by Tuesday (March 6, 2012)? I would love to purchase it, if so! Thank you!

Please send me an e-mail if this is a possibility! We’re holding production ‘till we get a response from you, but we can hold it until March 7 at the latest. Thanks! Anthony@youroffthewebsite.com

Thanks! Inspiration was a yogurt commercial

Sounds like Inception theme :)

Thanks for listening!

Just awesome work..! I “feel” this song

Thanks! It’s one of my better works.

Did you ever make a version with an instrument replacing the vocal part? I love this piece but I fear the voices clash with my narration. Brilliant and stirring as is:)

I do have a version without the vocals. Email musicdiaries@gmail.com for details.

very nice work…very…! ! !

Why is this track so fucking expensive? is there a other site where i can buy it cheaper?

never mind. Just found out that you fucking stole the song! omg this is so sad.. the original song is called Deep by Terique Greenfield. And you want me to pay 15 dollars for this… so sad