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Why that listening to this composition… I have thought of call of duty. About freedom.

Good. Very good.

Thanks for the kind words.

is there a way to get this (in the next day) with a version without the voices? (I’d like to be able to fade them in and out independent of the rest of the music.) I would love to purchase this, if this can be worked out! Thanks!

Oh man I haven’t checked my comments in awhile. This is a bit late, but I am about to release a version without the voices.

Alright, I’m now onto a different project. And we’d like to use the song for this one, as well! But, we’d need the version with the voices and piano independent by Tuesday (March 6, 2012)? I would love to purchase it, if so! Thank you!

Please send me an e-mail if this is a possibility! We’re holding production ‘till we get a response from you, but we can hold it until March 7 at the latest. Thanks! Anthony@youroffthewebsite.com

Very Beautiful! :)

Thanks! Inspiration was a yogurt commercial

Sounds like Inception theme :)

Thanks for listening!

Just awesome work..! I “feel” this song

Thanks! It’s one of my better works.

Did you ever make a version with an instrument replacing the vocal part? I love this piece but I fear the voices clash with my narration. Brilliant and stirring as is:)

I do have a version without the vocals. Email musicdiaries@gmail.com for details.

very nice work…very…! ! !