Dark Rock Anthem

Dark Rock Anthem

Included in:

A discounted pack featuring multiple tracks in this style.


Cinematic Rock!

This track is clearly divided into two sections, which I like to call the ‘build’ and the ‘payoff’. (Also known as ‘verse’ and ‘chorus’!!)

Both sections, as well as the whole track are provided as separate edits in the ZIP file that you download after purchasing.

Section A is a build which features a heavily processed piano as the main ‘riff’, this is accompanied by rhythm guitar stabs and more heavily processed drums. In the preview track, this builds and then breaks down at 0:26, a suitable introduction. Incidentally this is all also accompanied by some low strings.

Section B, is the massive, killer riff. This is a very powerful hook. A guitar is layered with a piano and orchestral strings to give supreme power to the riff. The riff works because of the harmony underneath provided with a VERY heavily overdriven guitar. This riff goes through its natural progression and is brought to a haunting close by a solo piano at the very end.

This will make an impression (particularly Section B) in any high impact production. It’s cinematic, it’s big, it’s loud, and it’s dark.

Summary of files provided:

GC_DarkRockAnthem.wav GC_Dark Rock Anthem.mp3

This is the full track from start to finish. 1:08 in length.

GC_DarkRockAnthem_SectA.wav GC_Dark Rock Anthem_SectA.mp3

This is an edit of the first half of the full track (the build up). 0:26 in length.

GC_DarkRockAnthem_SectB.wav GC_Dark Rock Anthem_SectB.mp3

This is an edit of the second half of the full track (the killer riff). 0:40 in length.

Hope you enjoy this track!


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