Dark Trailer Epic Pack

Dark Trailer Epic Pack

Dramatic Trailer, Suspense Trailer, Suspense Music

“Dark Trailer Epic Pack” is a collection of 3 dark, bright, suspense, intense, epic, atmospheric, dramatic and emotional music.

It’s undeniably energetic and powerful epic themes, this could provide a great background track for a wide range of project work including horror trailer, heroic trailer, dramatic trailer, action trailer, epic, intro, horror and thriller TV series and films, scf-fi, space and cosmos, creepy atmosphere, militaries, product adverts, commercials and video games, presentation, movie credits, score, TV spot and soundtrack, gaming videos, documentary, halloween, dance video, magic videos, action video, game review, advertising, social project, horror cinematic project, slideshow, podcast, sport announcement, showreel, video about your adventures and openes!

Includes the following MP3 & WAV zip tracks:

“Suspense Trailer Action”

3 versions :

  • Full – 1:09
  • One Minute – 1:00
  • Short – 0:15

“Dark Suspense Background”

3 versions ( 2:26 in preview ):

  • Full – 2:16
  • One Minute – 1:02
  • Teaser – 0:31

“Dark Epic Finale”

3 versions ( 6:20 in preview ):

  • Full – 2:10
  • Short – 1:25
  • Teaser – 0:35