Discussion on Dark Movie Titles

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Excellent granulation!

Thank you! You caught the essential technique of most of those sounds ;-)

Thanks a lot! :-)

Very creepy and awesome. Can’t wait to watch the VideoHive project it’s associated with once it’s approved.

Phil you couldn’t be more right, this audio needs the video with it, otherwise I think it kinda loses its magic. It’ll be up in a few days hopefully, so that people can understand how it actually works. Cheers, thanks for your support and for always listening to my new stuff!

Videohive template uploaded.

Thanks guys. Unfortunately the videohive item hasn’t yet been uploaded and I think the audio loses its magic. Patience for a few days!

Very dark and creepy. Beautiful sound design!

Thanks a lot Panos, I appreciate it my friend.

Excellent music. :)

Thanks a lot – it’ll sound even better once you can see the video I believe! :-) By the way I love your Typography project. Clean and high quality stuff.

Muy bonito. I will use it in one of the upcoming projects, that`s for sure. Good luck with sales my friend.

One of my fav VH authors for sure, so that would definitely make my day! Thanks for the kind words! Cheers.

I just remembered a song from the movie karate kid… “You’re The Best Around” hehe! Very nice my friend!!

Haha thanks my friend! Although I don’t think this is true, I’ll still keep the compliment :-D

Hey Alkis! Your craft is awesome man! I’m sure this is only one sample of the sound design possibilities your Glitch Pack will fetch! Can’t wait! :)

Thanks Steve, this means a lot! Yup, slowly working towards that – I’d like it to be a good and solid package for videohive authors and motion graphic designers. Of course you’ll be one of the first judges before I upload it. Take care!


interesting atmosphere :)


aweasome atmosphere!!great work! :)