Dark Horror Trailer

Dark Horror Trailer

Dark Horror Trailer is an huge and dark hollywood, blockbuster “Horror Trailer” track.

Dark Horror Trailer was made to be a short trailer intro / ident / opener, designed to catch the attention of your audience in just a couple of seconds.

This Dark Horror Trailer was made for use in a trailer, score, TV spot and soundtrack in such visual medias like a sci-fi, action, adventure, visionary, horror and thriller TV series and films; outer space, cosmos and science documentary, militaries, product adverts, commercials and video games.

Perfectly designed trailer soundtrack with 125BPM which keeps pure dark adventure with pulsing basses and screams.

Dark Blockbuster Trailer sounds like: evolving, uplifting, big, epic, exciting, extreme, powerful, emotional, inspiring and impressive.

Dark Blockbuster Trailer is suited for slide shows, product promo, epic scenes, slow motion, TV spots, timelapse videos, city promos, destianation video promos, movie trailer, corporate videos, workout videos, commercials, advertisement, scenic dance, dance and many more.

100% new and modern music expresses a complex fashionable track with commercial vibrant uplifting mood through a catchy and repetitive orchestral vibes.

Ideal to use in slideshows, fashionshows, teasers, movies, presentations where action, technology, news, energy, fresh and future are important concepts to be communicated.

Also I can imagine this track supporting trailer videos or like a orchestral soundtrack.

Also I can imagine this track supporting video games or films like are: Silent Hill, Saw, Outlast, Grave Encounters, The Others and many other.

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VIDEOHIVE AUTHORS: Feel free to use any of my preview tracks for your projects. Just let me know so I can include a link!

Zip file includes WAV and high-quality MP3s for your convenience.