Dark Ambient Pack

Dark Ambient Pack

This pack consists of one horror intro trailer and dark, evil, disturbing ambient music tracks. They create empty, desperate, creepy atmosphere with tense suspense. Use it to create dark atmosphere for your horror films, horror games, scary videos, thriller, dark sci fi, YouTube videos, horror promo videos and any scary projects.

Tracks Included to the Pack:

1. Horror Intro Trailer

Horror Intro Trailer is a dark, heavy and modern horror intro music. It’s a dynamic, scary background for horror trailers, blockbusters, movie teasers, youtube videos, survival horror games, thrillers, dark sci fi, horror films and much more.

Versions Included:
1. Horror Intro Trailer – 0:35.
2. Horror Intro Trailer Short – 0:25.
3. Horror Intro Trailer Short 2 – 0:18.

2. Suspense Ambient

Suspense Ambient is an epic, dark, horror background music with tense, apocalyptic, military atmosphere. There are distant metal sounds, strings, pads and mechanical pulsation. This dark music is perfect for military films, video games, zombie games, shooter games, FPS, horror films, sci-fi films, documentaries, tv, movies, post-apocalyptic themes, games, zombie apocalypse or post-apocalypse projects, social commercials, etc.

Versions Included:
1. Suspense Ambient – 1:39.
2. Suspense Ambient Short – 1:08.
3. Suspense Ambient Loop – 1:01.

3. Dark Ambient

Dark Ambient is a dark, gloomy background music with tense apocalyptic mood. It creates an eerie atmosphere. There are industrial sounds, strings, pads and mechanical pulsation.

Versions Included:
1. Dark Ambient – 2:00.
2. Dark Ambient Loop – 1:38.

Information for buyers:
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