Danza Del Sol

Danza Del Sol

We at Badvertisement Inc. know you are always looking for that perfect piece of music to empower your video or project with. Search no more; your journey ends here!

Our professional team has created a fun, happy, playful, funky, uplifting club minded summer anthem – supported by great synth chords, pumping drums, a playful conga, a funky guitar riff and a super catchy brass melody that will instantly visualise images of summer, beach, teenagers, sunshine, party and fun.

‘Danza Del Sol’ is inspired by the infamous deep house sound brought to you by artists like Klangkarussell, Bakermat, Klingande and Faul & Wad who all scored major hits in European charts in 2013 and 2014.

It’s highly suitable for corporate projects, commercials, travelling videos, school movies and a huge variety of other projects begging for an extra boost of that blissful summertime-feeling and fun.

This song has been arranged in a way so that editing becomes easy and to ensure it will fit the length and dynamic of your video or project perfectly.

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– Full Version: 4:03complete version of the song.

– No Brass Version: 4:03complete version of the song, but without the brass melody. Got lots of voiceover to work with? This is the version you need.

– No Drums Version: 4:03complete version of the song, but without the drums. Very useful if your project demands more dynamics.


– Formentera Sunset:

A soothing, mesmerising, energetic and massive club anthem – supported by a firm electronic dance beat, beautiful synth chords and a extremely memorable portamento and piano melody that will occupy your mind for the rest of the day. If you’re a fan of the early works by Deadmau5, you will definitely love this one!

– Dance Till You Drop:

A powerful, massive, energetic and modern dutch progressive house anthem – supported by a firm electronic beat, big summer festival house synths, an extremely cool piercing top-line synth, an awesome 303 acid-line and beautiful piano chords that will make any crowd dance till they drop! If you’re a fan of music by Afrojack, you will definitely fall in love with this one. Turn it up!

– Cafe Del Mar:

A calming, mellow, warm and euphoric summer anthem – supported by a deep moving 808 beat, beautiful organ chords and a lovely plucky saw-synth melody that will instantly put you on the beach with a cocktail in your hand. In need of more sunshine and relaxation? This one is for you.

To VideoHive Authors:

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