Dance Party Pack

Dance Party Pack

Dance Party Pack is a collection of three motivational, inspirational, energetic and upbeat pieces with massive drop and soft catchy melody which in the beginning is build-up and then grow in full contemporary dance and pop tracks.

This package is one of the most powerful catalysts for creating an emotional connection with your audience. If your viewer has a connection to your company or message, then they will be naturally drawn in to discover the details and deepen their relationship with your project or brand.

Can be used in television production, dynamic TV or internet program, TV announcement in sport, for slideshows pictures of your unforgettable summer vacation and travel, jorney, fashion, festival or dance event, advertising, presentation, tutorial, music or movie program, motivational video, time lapse, YouTube and Vimeo video, commercial video, motivational and inspirational project, inspire/motivate video, film and any media project that requires background music.

1. Dance Party (length 2:20)

Dance Party is the perfect for your media projects which need that trendy festival sound. A big, upbeat festival dance style track which is perfect for summer and fun. I’m sure that stylish track is perfect for many projects.

2. Commercial Pop (length 2:20)

Commercial Pop this is inspirational, emotional, passionate track with beautiful guitar and trendy festival sound. This is inspiring tune which describe life in one moment. Main synth with chords combination and guitar its a great thing that give you great feelings and happy memories.

3. Party Pop (3 Versions)

Party Pop this is full piece with massive drop and soft catchy melody which in the beginning is build-up and then grow in massive drop. Your audience will love it because it was engineered to sound very natural and relaxing so it pleases everybody’s ears!

Included 3 Versions:
Full Version (length 2:05)
Middle Version (length 1:50)
Short Version (length 0:55)

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