Cyberpunk Pack

Cyberpunk Pack


Cyberpunk Action Music Pack

This Pack contains three modern cyberpunk soundtracks for sport, extreme videos, video games, and Action Videos

Tracks are great for video games, racing games, action videos, active videos, sport videos, GoPro videos, competition videos, racing videos, video compilations, advertisement, trailers, teasers, dynamic driving video, sports video, energetic videos, extreme sports video, motorbikes videos, sports theme video, and other energetic and dynamic projects.

Style and mood:cyberpunk, synthwave, electro, action music, trailer, aggressive, dark, future, dystopian, cyberpunk 2077, tension, adrenaline, techno, sci-fi, industrial, hard.

Total length of all tracks (with versions) – 22:35.

3 Tracks included:
  1. Cyberpunk Future
    (4 versions: Version 1: 2:40, Version 2: 1:50, Version 3: 1:02, Version 4: 0:42) starts at the beginning on preview
  2. The Cyberpunk Techno
    (4 versions: Version 1: 2:44, Version 2: 2:00, Version 3: 1:39, Version 4: 0:48) – starts at 6,15 on preview
  3. Cyberpunk Club
    (4 versions: Version 1: 3:28, Version 2: 2:22, Version 3: 1:57, Version 4: 1:16) – starts at 13,30 on preview

For Customers

  • If You have any questions you can write me an email through the contact profile.
  • If you need any changes to purchased music contact me, and I will try to help you to make music fits in your project perfectly.
  • Please rate the tracks you purchase. Thank you!

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For VideoHive authors

Feel free to download the watermarked preview file. Please include a link to my music in Your item description and let me know about it, so I can help advertise your video too.