Cyberpunk and Retro Pack

Cyberpunk and Retro Pack


Cybeprunk, Future, Futuristic, Action, Retro Music, Synthwave

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1. The Cyberpunk: 1:40

Aggressive and energetic music track in the style of Cyberpunk Electro perfect for sport, movies, advertising, games, trailer, extreme sports, teasers, dynamic scenes.

2 versions:

1. Full – 1:40

2. Short – 0:43

2. Retro Music: 1:38

Vintage soft synths, catchy melody, deep bassline, cool retro drum machine downtempo rythm and percussions and the general cassette background noise atmosphere are some of the elements that make this track a one of a kind, dreamy, ambient, genuine 80s electronica sound track.

Best use in all kind of retrowave trend inspired media projects, vhs graphics and creative retro designs, retro titles projects, any media that has an 80s influnece design and feel, exotic travel destinations, summer videos with a retro.

4 versions:

1. Full – 1:38

2. Short – 0:45

3. Loop 1 – 0:19

4. Loop 2 – 0:19

3. Cyberpunk: 2:10

Cyberpunk Synthwave Trailer This is Dark & Intense Electronic music. I used: dark and tension arp, energetic drums and bass, strong pads, modern background fx.

Style and Mood: Cyberpunk, Black Runner, Neuromancer, Gibson, Matrix, RoboCop, Dredd, Ghost in the Shell, Terminator, eXistenZ, sci-fi atmosphere, sci-fi trailer, sci-fi music, sci-fi cinematic, sci-fi atmosphere, sci-fi trailer, sci-fi cinematic, sci-fi epic, space trailer, science fiction, scifi, scifi trailer, cyberpunk trailer, cyberpunk ambient, cyberpunk 2077, cyberpunk synthwave, cyber punk, cyberpunk logo, cyberpunk cinematic.