Cybernetics Trailer Pack 2

Cybernetics Trailer Pack 2

This super killer trailers are from my project cybernetics with a very futuristic environment, special sound design and risers for big impacts. This pack contains:

1. Independence (4 Versions):
Hybrid trailer music full of suspense, great futurist felling and epic ending.
Independence – 1:51
Independence Part I – 1:00
Independence Part II – 0:58
Independence no Rise – 1:51

2. Nitro (1 Version):
Modern trailer music designed for racing and sports, features cinematic drums, symphony orchestra and sound design.
Nitro – 1:35

3. Phoenix (4 Versions):
Modern action trailer music features dark drones, intense and epic drums and special sound design.
Phoenix – 1:30
Phoenix Part I – 0:35
Phoenix Part II – 0:30
Phoenix Part III – 0:34

4. War of the Worlds (1 Version):
Emotional piano with a cinematic atmosphere that evolves into a fantastic and epic denouement.
War of the Worlds – 2:34

Available in WAV & MP3 formats.