Cyber Transformation Logo Pack

Cyber Transformation Logo Pack

The sound pack of 5 hi-tech transformations audio logos + 7 additional bonus versions:

1. Sci-Fi Cyber Logo (0:18) – Short sci-fi cyber logo with explosive futuristic sound. Perfect for hi-tech and media products, sci-fi programs intros, green technologies etc.:

    - Sci-Fi Cyber Logo – 0:09;
    - Sci-Fi Cyber Logo (without steel sound of ending) – 0:09

2. Electric Shock Logo (0:24) – Powerful explosive opener with lots of distortion, shock and whooshes. When recording the track sounds used electric current, voltage, and sound effects:

    - Electric Shock Logo – 0:13;
    - Electric Shock Logo (short version) – 0:11

3. Transforming Logo (0:20) – Transform hi-tech robotic logo with glitch distortions, digital noises and cyber mechanical sound elements:

    - Transforming Logo – 0:10;
    - Transforming Logo (lite version) – 0:10

4. Hi-Tech Transform Logo (0:18) – Hi-Tech logo for high-technology projects. Included are the sounds of noise, explosions, clicks and transforming fx and mechanic elements.

5. Transformation Explosion Logo (0:43) – Powerful transform logo for high-technology explosive sounds. Included are the sounds of digital noise, cyber and robot motion elements, mechanical pistons, interface sounds, explosions, low impacts, rising industrial transitions, glitch, voltage, bursting metal particles, rotate whooshes / swooshes, clicks and other transforming fx:

    - Transformation Explosion Logo (Version 1) – 0:11;
    - Transformation Explosion Logo (Version 2) – 0:08;
    - Transformation Explosion Logo (Version 3) – 0:10;
    - Transformation Explosion Logo (Short Version 1) – 0:06;
    - Transformation Explosion Logo (Short Version 2) – 0:06.

Use for futuristic opener or reveal, commercial, intro / outro, modern advertising, YouTube intros, trailer or teaser, complex graphic animation, hi-tech titles, powerful blockbusters, high technological contents, transitions or backshots, action games, cinematic or epic video projects, and any media products.

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