Cowboys in the Wild Desert

Cowboys in the Wild Desert

This song is perfect for any video setted in the old west or in a wild desert, with cowboys, american indians, outlaws, gunman, etc

Ideal for Red Dead Redemption gameplays and youtube games video

The song is cool and slow a western-styled, spaghetti western music composition that begins with a jaw harp intro (real jaw harp, played live) and transitions to a “tired” section with guitar chords (played with an electrical guitar) and harmonica (also played live), to which a classical western whistled melody is added (I’m whistling myself, no samples!)

The songs is ideal for images of the old wild west: anticipating a western duel or a Mexican standoff outside the southwest saloon at sundown, western sheriffs and outlaws, steer skulls resting on a spaghetti western desert, cactus-lined landscapes, horses and cowboys, and a wild west sign that reads “wanted: dead or alive.”

If you’re looking for a music perfect for western ghost towns, southwestern steakhouses, bandits, and a posse, then look no further.

This is a perfect for advertising any western fare, including cowboy hats, cowboy boots, beef jerky, BBQ sauce (barbeque sauce), steak, and much, much more! If country western music suits your commercial needs, my song will lasso and wrangle your customers right in, cowboys, cowgirls, and cowpokes!


I have used this music as a background for these videohive templates:

Most Wanted by happycreative
Western Titles by alextantsura
Wanted in Wild West by reactorenergy
Western Background With the Announcement by animix
Most Wanted by epicdreamz
Western Show Promo by vasyak
Sunset In The Desert by alextantsura

Who am I?

A video is worth more than 1.000 words. Listen to my cinematic music on the background of this stunning 3D movie:

Who am I

I began playing music when I was a child and I’m involved into computer music since 1999. I deal with a lot of different generes of music, from rock to bombastic soundtracks , from ambient to children’s lullabies . The feelings expressed by my music varies a lot from romance and love to epic fantasy , from thriller and horror to hope, joy and happyness : you will find for sure something that suits your needs and tastes in my portfolio!

I’m a guitarist, keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist, with an experimental attitude.
I always put a lot of passion in my productions. Music is meant to drive emotions and to set a mood: this is exacly what you will find here.

I have plenty of exotic instruments collected around the world (indian sitar, chinese erhu, dizi and guzheng, turkish saz, etc) and I like to combine them also with samples and synth sounds from the PC, as well experimenting with sound design, unusual, and custom build instruments.

Since I understand the powerful synergy between audio and video, take also a look at my youtube channel to listen to my music on the background of several videos made by videohive authors

Check out my “Happy uplifting tracks”, mostly played with original acoustic instruments:
Life is good!
Motivating with a balalaika
The happy mandolin
This is not an ukulele
Relax and have fun
Happy Charango Advertising
Carefree Happy Shamisen

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