Country Pop Rock Pack

Country Pop Rock Pack


Country Pop Rock Pack

“Country Pop Rock Pack” is a collection of modern country pop rock tracks with a laid back feel.

1. Moody Country Rock (4 versions)
‘Moody Country Rock’ is a modern country track with a classic country sound. It features melodic, spacey slide guitar, with rhythmic acoustic guitar, swirly Hammond organ and piano. Ideal for travel shows, incidental music, intros and corporate presentations.

Included with the main version is a medium length version, a short version and a looped version;

Moody Country Rock (1:36)
Moody Country Rock – Medium (0:59)
Moody Country Rock – Short (0:30)
Moody Country Rock – Looped (0:54)

2. Country (4 versions)
‘Country’ is a chilled and laid-back country track with a modern pop-rock feel. It features atmospheric electric guitar, relaxed acoustic guitar, driving bass, drums, strings, piano and swirly Hammond organ. Ideal as a backdrop to travel videos, romantic scenes and cooking shows.

Included with the main version is a short version, a logo version and a looped version;

Country (1:17)
Country – Short (0:30)
Country – Logo (0:10)
Country – Looped (0:44)

3. Pop Rock Country (5 versions)
‘Pop Rock Country’ is a chilled, old-school pop rock country track with a warm, upbeat feel. It features lead electric guitar, swirly Hammond organ, upright piano, acoustic guitar, electric bass and a brush kit. This track is ideal for cooking shows, travel videos, blogs and commercials.

Included with the main version is a short version, a logo version, an underscore version without lead guitars, and a looped version;

Pop Rock Country (2:09)
Pop Rock Country – Short (0:30)
Pop Rock Country – Logo (0:15)
Pop Rock Country – Underscore (2:09)
Pop Rock Country – Looped (1:26)

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Country Pop Rock Pack