Country Music Pack

Country Music Pack

This excellent value pack comprises three quality country style tracks.

Country Guitar Fun

This is a traditional country style guitar toe tapper with a happy feel. It would suit any project requiring an upbeat, happy and joyful vibe.  :)

It comes with three additional loop versions: an intro section (8s); a long section (1:35); and a short section (30s). You can repeat these as many times as you need and join them together as you like – it will all work seamlessly. And if you want to bring things to a natural ending there is an additional end section (11s), which will work perfectly with any of the loop versions.

(The loop versions are all high quality wav files. The full version is provided as both a high quality wav file and a MP3.)

Happy Country Guitars

This is a real authentic old time country track. It features acoustic guitars, twangy electric guitar, banjo picking, accordion and line-dance style hand clapping. Three versions of different lengths are provided in both wav and MP3 format:

  • Full version (2:02)
  • Short version 1 (1:30)
  • Short version 2 (58s)

  • Country Music Banjo

    This track features fast picking banjos and guitars. The following versions are provided:
  • Version 1 – 1:16 (wav and mp3)
  • Version 2 – 0:26 (wav and mp3)
  • Version 3 – 0:59 (wav and mp3)
  • Version 4 – 1:32 (wav and mp3)
  • Loop version – 0:49 (wav only)

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