Cosmic Horror Collection

Cosmic Horror Collection

1. Celestial Experiments

A haunting and dark track designed for production related to cosmic horror as related to Lovecraft and his brand of horror. This music is atmospheric and brooding, with beautiful and mysterious violin melodies combined with ethereal orchestral tones and eerie electronic synths. The ambient and uneasy mood this music creates is ideal for film and games looking for a subtle underscore to color the mood of the scene with a sense of unease and fear.

The instruments used in this track are bass drum, timpani, scraped metal percussion, violins, cellos, french horns, processed string orchestra, processed brass, synth, harp, and solo violin.

Four edits:

“Celestial Experiments” complete: 3:40

“Celestial Experiments” 2-minute edit: 1:46

“Celestial Experiments” 1-minute edit: 1:08

“Celestial Experiments” 1-minute alternate edit: 1:00

2. Dark Creepy Hybrid Underscore

A dark, eerie, creepy, and otherworldly cinematic track for a combination of orchestral instruments and electronic synths and processing. This music is atmospheric, with a slow bubbling of low drone tones and resonant bells in the distance combines with sliding strings and experimental instrumental playing techniques.

This music is best suited for film and video games looking to set a mood of horror and suspense.

Four edits included:

“Dark Creepy Hybrid Underscore” complete: 2:49

“Dark Creepy Hybrid Underscore” 2-minute edit: 1:57

“Dark Creepy Hybrid Underscore” 1-minute edit: 1:03

“Dark Creepy Hybrid Underscore” 40-second edit: 0:42

3. Experimental Horror Atmosphere

A strange and disturbing soundscape created with orchestral instruments performing with unusual extended playing techniques to create an otherworldly and almost electronic ambient sound. The music is experimental in nature, sounding like a modern cinematic soundtrack that borrow from a contemporary concert music style.

Two versions included:

“Experimental Horror Atmosphere” complete: 1:41

“Experimental Horror Atmosphere” short edit: 0:47

4. Haunted Streets

A dramatic and spooky cinematic track. Moving between sliding string gestures that evoke classic horror soundtracks and more rhythmic and melodic sections, this music brings an ethereal and eerie mood, perfect for film, video games, trailers, and more. This music is evocative of a Gothic horror or mystery setting.

This music is performed by a full orchestra of strings, winds, brass and percussion along with a female choir of voices. The music features the timpani and tom percussion instruments as well as extended techniques on the strings.

Five edits are including, each providing a different length and highlighting different sections of the song:

“Haunted Streets” complete: 4:23

“Haunted Streets” 3-minute edit: 3:07

“Haunted Streets” melodic edit: 1:38

“Haunted Streets” 1-minute edit: 1:03

“Haunted Streets” 30-second edit: 0:28