Corporation Kit

Corporation Kit

This modern and inspirational royalty free corporation KIT will be the best addition to your business and corporate projects! The sounding of bright melodious piano, guitar, strings and bells are motivate you to be successful person! Also this track is suitable for advertising presentations and videos. You will be able to unleash your potential with this unusual melody! Enjoy your listening!

This kit is based on my original Audiojungle item : “Corporation

What are included in this kit?

  • 21 “no tails” song sections, trimmed on the beat which can help you to arrange and snap together a guide track for your project quickly.
  • 21 matching “tails” song sections with natural audio endings which are created for smooth transitions and seamless final results.
  • 3 ready-and-easy-to-use demo arrangements for your convenience, inspiration and motivation.
  • All audio files are provided in high WAV quality (44.1 kHz / 16-bit).
Parts of Corporate KIT
  • 01_Long_intro (0:11)
  • 02_Long_intro_without_crash (0:11)
  • 03_Intro (0:09)
  • 04_Intro_without_crash_&_revers_crash (0:09)
  • 05_Intro_with_lead_guitar (0:09)
  • 06_Intro_with_lead_guitar_without_revers_crash (0:09)
  • 07_Main (0:09)
  • 08_Main_without_crash (0:09)
  • 09_Main2 (0:09)
  • 10_Main3 (0:09)
  • 11_Main4 (0:09)
  • 12_Transition (0:09)
  • 13_Chorus (0:18)
  • 14_Chorus_without_crash (0:18)
  • 15_Full_chorus (0:18)
  • 16_Full_chorus_without_crash (0:18)
  • 17_End (0:11)
  • 18_End_without_crash (0:11)
  • 19_Long_end (0:23)
  • 20_Short_end (0:05)
  • 21_Short_end_without_crash (0:05)
Demo Tracks
  • Corporation Kit (Demo-1) – 1:04 [song sections: 01-05-07-11-15-20]
  • Corporation Kit (Demo-2) – 0:53 [song sections: 05-07-09-10-12-20]
  • Corporation Kit (Demo-3) – 2:29 [song sections: 01-05-15-07-09-10-11-12-13-15-19]
P.S Kit is the best way to save your money! You’ll be able to create the track that will be perfectly suitable for your projects. In attachments you can find helpful detailed documentation. Moreover, in this help file I prepared much more examples of using this KIT and you can get several complete tracks with varying length.

Thank you so much for your purchase and please don’t forget to rate my tracks and leave your comments!

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