Corporate Upbeat Music Kit

Corporate Upbeat Music Kit

Description: upbeat optimistic positive summer inspiring pop corporate music kit with uplifting motivational mood.

Instruments: electric guitar, upbeat groovy rhythm, claps, synths.

Genre & mood: pop, dance, corporate, motivational, upbeat, uplifting, summer, inspiring, positive.

Suitable for: advertising, business, sport, radio, presentation, clip, podcast, background, TV, fashion, video production and much more…

What is a MUSIC KIT?

A Music Kit is a collection of pre-edited individual song sections that can be rearranged easily and flexibly like musical building blocks to create custom-timed and custom-structured music tracks. Music Kit sections contain natural decaying “tails” that allow for seamless transitions.

This Music Kit is based on my top-selling original “Corporate Upbeat”, all sections are included. Three demos show some possible combinations for creating a long version, a short versions, and “guitar” or “no_guitar” versions.

WAV files of all three demos (unwatermarked) plus documentation containing instructions and a description of the segment sequence for those demos are included within the zip file you will download.

File content:

  • 01_Intro_Short (0:14) Kick, Rhodes, Melody
  • 02_Intro_Short_Ending_Guitar (0:14) Kick, Rhodes, Melody
  • 03_Intro (0:23) Rhodes, Melody, Kick
  • 04_Intro_Ending_Guitar (0:23) Rhodes, Melody, Kick
  • 05_Verse1_Part1 (0:19) Beat, Chords, Melody
  • 06_Verse1_Part1_Ending_Guitar (0:19) Beat, Chords, Melody
  • 07_Verse1_Part2_NoGuitar (0:19) Additional Percussion and Claps
  • 08_Verse1_Part2_Ending_Guitar (0:19) Additional Percussion and Claps
  • 09_Verse1_Part2_Guitar (0:19) Additional Percussion and Claps
  • 10_Chorus_Part1_NoGuitar (0:19) Drop Section
  • 11_Chorus_Part1_Ending_Guitar (0:19) Drop Section
  • 12_Chorus_Part1_Guitar (0:19) Drop Section
  • 13_Chorus_Part2_NoGuitar (0:19) Drop Section with Bass and Chords
  • 14_Chorus_Part2_Ending_Guitar (0:19) Drop Section with Bass and Chords
  • 15_Chorus_Part2_Guitar (0:19) Drop Section with Bass and Chords
  • 16_Verse2_NoGuitar (0:19) Verse 1 with additional Percussion
  • 17_Verse2_Ending_Guitar (0:19) Verse 1 with additional Percussion
  • 18_Verse2_Guitar (0:19) Verse 1 with additional Percussion
  • 19_Outro_No_Guitar (0:21) Fade Out Ending
  • 20_Outro_Guitar (0:21) Fade Out Ending
  • 21_Outro_Short_Guitar (0:14) Fade Out Ending
  • 22_Outro_Short_NoGuitar (0:14) Fade Out Ending
  • 23_Final_Chord (0:06) Rhodes
  • Demo_01_no_guitar – 2:11 length (from 0:00 to 2:11 on preview)
  • Demo_02_short_guitar – 1:09 length (from 2:11 to 3:20on preview)
  • Demo_03_extra_short_guitar (0:38) – 0:38 length (from 3:20 to 3:58 on preview)