Corporate Upbeat Inspiring Kit

Corporate Upbeat Inspiring Kit

This kit is based on this music: Corporate Upbeat Inspiring

Here is a very convenient kit for you to create an inspirational music track. By using its separate parts you can easily construct a music track which will meet all your requirements. You can make a very long or a very short version, a version with rapid dynamics development or a background version without any dynamics.

For convenience of music construction all the parts have versions with a tail and without it.
If you have any questions, you can contact me by the email form on my profile page.

Demo Tracks:
Demo 1 (2:21) Demo 2 (0:48) Demo 3 (without dynamic breakbeat drums) (0:52)

The full list of the parts:
  • 01_StartFx
  • 02_Intro_Part1
  • 03_Intro_Part2
  • 04_Verse1_Part1
  • 05_Verse1_Part2
  • 06_Chorus1_Part1
  • 07_Chorus1_Part2
  • 08_Breakdown
  • 09_Verse2_Part1
  • 10_Verse2_Part2
  • 11_Verse3_Part1
  • 12_Verse3_Part2
  • 13_Chorus2_Part1
  • 14_Chorus2_Part2
  • 15_Ending
  • 16_Ending_Lite

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