Corporate Business Technology

Corporate Business Technology

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Technology Background, Business Corporate, Ambient Technology

Deep and soft background ambient music for corporate presentation, explainers. Great BGM for any kind of Time Lapse & Documentary videos.

Perfect for an ambient music video, ambient music project, ambient music background, ambient music 2020, ambient music new! Make you video go viral! Use it in business presentations, advertising, commercial promo, corporate media, corporate presentation, corporate videos, election interview, event, future of the corporation, growing community, infographic, introduction, marketing potential, production extension, production instruction, profit growing, significant earnings.

Bank, coffer, countinghouse, credit union, depository, exchequer, fund, hoard, an investment firm, repository, reserve, reservoir, savings, stock, store, treasury, trust company, vault.

Farming, agriculture, agronomy, breeding, cultivation, culture, feeding, fertilizing, gardening, gleaning, grazing, growing, harvesting, homesteading, hydroponics, landscaping, operating, production, ranching, reaping, seeding, threshing, tillage.

Medicine, evolution of medicine, medical care, pharmaceuticals, pills, the explanation for the pharmacy.

Video, dynamic slideshow, film, inspiring slideshow, intro, montage, motion graphic, movies, opening, teaser, trailer.

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, VK, Vimeo, Youku, Tudou, Nicovideo, Dailymotion, Videohive, etc.

Podcast, online radio, TV, audiobook.

Technology, automation, machinery, computers, mechanics, mechanization, robotics, telecommunications, applied science, electronic components, hi tech, high tech, industrial science, scientific know-how, scientific knowledge, technical knowledge, artificial intelligence, robotics, development of ‘thinking’ computer systems, expert system, intelligent retrieval, knowledge engineering, machine learning, natural language processing, neural network, blockchain.

Real estate, architecture, landscape design.

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Ambient Light Melody is an atmospheric soundtrack with beautiful atmosphere harmonies and chords. Ambient, beautiful background ambient, clear ambient, dreamy ambient, gentle ambient, beautiful inspirational ambient, lovely ambient, slow motion ambient, beautiful fantasy ambient, atmosphere ambient, beautiful melancholy, sensual ambient, science ambient. It has a fantastic sound, dreamy beautiful background and harmonic systems. Perfect for: lovely nature video, beautiful winter video project, beautiful nature, beautiful inspiring nature.

Featuring plucked, piano, electric guitar, drums and various percussion.

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