Corporate Success

Corporate Success

Corporate Success - 1 Corporate Success - 2

Inspiring and motivational Corporate Success background track is the right audio solution for your video project.
This upbeat and hopeful pop sound is great for advertising, promotion, narration, corporate video, business presentation, promo, motivation and inspiring video, videohive project, video blog or any type of use.
In the track I used instruments: piano, acoustic guitar, pads, hats, kicks, percussion, orchestra and muted guitars
Genres: successful motivational corporate background

I included 5 versions for ease of use:

Version 1 – 2:18 – full track
Version 2 – 1:14 – middle version
Version 3 – 1:13 – middle version
Version 4 – 0:42 – short version, easy to use in promo / advertising
Version 5 – 0:26 – 25 sec version, easy to use in advertising / as ident or logo

If you need another variant — just contact me via e-mail.

I hope it will help you create one of your perfect project

Listen & Enjoy!

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