Corporate Rock

Corporate Rock

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Featuring an inspirational sound from the influences of both Classic and Modern Rock genres, Corporate Rock is an uplifting corporate track that will energize and inspire your viewers in a powerful way. Starting out with a strong intro, the excitement doesn’t let up as the arrangement carries it’s big and uplifting sound all the way through to the finish. Featuring moods of positivity, excitement, confidence and success, this track makes a great fit for all business, corporate, and video promo projects.

Multiple Versions are Included:

  • Corporate Rock – 2:48
  • Corporate Rock No Melody – 2:48 (Starts at 2:48 in preview. This version leaves out the piano melody during the choruses. This is helpful for settings where the track needs to blend into the backdrop a little more.
  • Chorus Loop – 0:32 (1:28-1:50 in preview)
  • Chorus No Melody Loop – 0:32 (4:15-4:47 in preview)

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