Corporate Pack 2

Corporate Pack 2

Save your money with this great pack containing three smooth corporate tracks!

Corporate Pack 2 includes three smooth and positive tracks that will soothe your audience and give a nice professional polish to your project.

Fading Clouds (2:12)

Fading Clouds is a simple and smooth track that will soothe your audience with its positive atmosphere.

Clean and modern sounding with a classy polish, this track has a simple and comforting chord progression and a bright mood. It was crafted for the purpose of allowing your corporate project to induce serene and reassuring emotions. Get your audience relaxed and captivated. Make them feel good about themselves and they will feel good about your project.

This corporate track is built around a lovely arpeggio played on a warm synth. It features a delayed muted electric guitar that drives the track throughout. Single stroke acoustic guitars warm up the piece and give it more solemnity. Elegant spiccato and pizzicato strings add a touch of elegance and a nice polish. The track grows in intensity as it goes along. A bouncy light electro beat comes in midway for a refreshing twist. A muted electric guitar make the track a bit heavier towards the end.

With its positive atmosphere and comforting mood, this track will be the perfect soundtrack to your corporate project.

For added flexibility the item includes three versions:

  • Full version (2:12)
  • 60’s Edit
  • 30’s Edit

Inspirational Blossom (2:16)

Inspiring piano based track with elegant strings orchestration. The catchy piano melody evokes quiet confidence and brings out subtle but strong emotions. Perfect for illustrating inspirational videos, corporate presentations or even wedding related material.

Give your project a touch of elegance with this positive track!

Corptech (1:20)

Elegant corporate track featuring a droning piano and punctuated by nice bells and classy pizzicato violins.

A light electro beat comes in midway through and, with synthetic rhythmic elements and spatialized percussive effects, adds a sleek modern feel to this track.

Smooth and positive, this high-class hybrid track, will perfectly illustrate your corporate/tech videos

With their simple and catchy melodies, positive atmospheres and uplifting moods, these tracks will be the perfect soundtracks to your corporate projects!

Perfect for:

Background music for professional corporate video projects such as, advertising, corporate presentations, slideshows, Youtube videos, product presentations, inspirational stories,...

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