Corporate Music Pack 1

Corporate Music Pack 1

Item Description

“Corporate Music Pack” is a collection of three corporate background music tracks with motivational positive mood and inspiring melodies for business presentations, advertising and commercials, corporate videos and other projects.

Included in the Pack

Tech Corporate
  • 1. Tech Corporate – 2:37
  • 2. Tech Corporate (60-sec Version) – 1:00 (starts at 2:37 in preview)
  • 3. Tech Corporate (30-sec Version) – 0:30 (starts at 3:39 in preview)
  • 4. Tech Corporate (Loop) – 1:05 (starts at 4:12 in preview)

  • Upbeat and Uplifting
  • 1. Upbeat and Uplifting – 3:10 (starts at 5:21 in preview)
  • 2. Upbeat and Uplifting (60-sec Version) – 1:00 (starts at 8:31 in preview)
  • 3. Upbeat and Uplifting (30-sec Version) – 0:30 (starts at 9:36 in preview)
  • 4. Upbeat and Uplifting (Loop) – 1:00 (starts at 10:11 in preview)

  • Confidence
  • 1. Confidence – 2:12 (starts at 11:17 in preview)
  • 2. Confidence (60-sec Version) – 1:00 (starts at 13:29 in preview)
  • 3. Confidence (30-sec Version) – 0:30 (starts at 14:35 in preview)
  • 4. Confidence (Loop) – 0:32 (starts at 15:09 in preview)

  • How to get support: Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We also provide additional “customization services” on demand. Although we include multiple versions with every package, if you need to match our music to a specific length, re-arrange individual parts or add special effects, please contact us via contact form (You can find it in the bottom right corner of our PROFILE page).

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    Note to VideoHive authors

    You are welcome to use all my watermarked preview content in your projects. Please include the link to my original music on your item page in the description. Also send me the link to your item and i will publish it on my profile page if you want. Thank you!