Corporate Motivational Pack 5

Corporate Motivational Pack 5

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A bundle of 3 high quality motivational music tracks. These tracks that evokes the feeling of freedom, world peace, growth, success, hope and accomplishment is ideal for uses involving self-discovery, personal satisfaction, emotional breakthroughs, the road to happiness and other motivational uses. Perfect for corporate and business presentations, advertisements, commercials, documentary, infomercial. Enjoy and hope you like them!!!

Includes the following MP3 & WAV zip tracks:

1.Advert Background 3 1:08 (0:00-1:07 in preview)

2.Pop Motivational 7 2:46 (1:08-3:53 in preview)

3.Advert Background 2 0:41 (3:54-4:33 in preview)

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