Corporate Motivational Kit

Corporate Motivational Kit

This background KIT perfect for documentaries, presentations, advertising on radio, story about the hotels or city, good for radio, commercials video about food, travel. Good for slideshows, graphic products, presentations and perfect for corporate videos. Based on my original AudioJungle item:

Used electric guitars, piano, bass, synth and drums.

Wave files included in this KIT:

01_Intro (0:15) – Background plucks, drums

02_Intro_Extended (0:15) – Background plucks, drums, percussion

03_Verse_01 (0:15) – Main theme

04_Verse_01_NoDrums (0:15) – Main theme no drums

05_Chorus_01 (0:15) – Strings theme

06_Chorus_01_Extended (0:15) – Strings theme, more background guitars

07_Verse_02 (0:15) – Main theme, hi piano seq

08_Verse_02_Extended (0:15) – Main theme, hi piano seq, drum loop

09_Chorus_02_NoDrums (0:15) – Strings theme, half time no drums

10_Verse_03_NoDrums (0:15) – New guitar theme, no drums

11_Verse_03_Extended (0:15) – New guitar theme, background lead guitar

12_Outro (0:15) – New guitar theme, background lead guitar, percussion

13_EndPoint (0:05) – Crash, final tone

Demo ready for use

Demo01_AllMainSections – 3:08

Demo02_Short – 1:52