Corporate Motivation Time

Corporate Motivation Time

‘Corporate Motivation Time’ is a very motivating upbeat and unique Royalty Free Track. It will move your product or service in the right spotlight and creates a very positively emotional, motivating, exciting and uplifting mood.

The very powerful beat with claps offers the desired power and enthusiasm
for your commercial!

Perfect for your corporate videos on tv, broadcast or Youtube. Of course it will also work very well for exciting documentaries or movies.
Four versions are included:
  • Corporate Motivation Time TicTac 2:41
    with ‘Tic Tac’ percussion (first in preview)
  • Corporate Motivation Time DanceBeat TicTac 2:41
    with a powerful Dance Beat and ‘Tic Tac’ percussion (in preview after 2:41)
  • Corporate Motivation Time Shaker 2:41
    with Shaker percussion(in preview after 5:23)
  • Corporate Motivation Time DanceBeat Shaker 2:41
    with a powerful Dance Beat and Shaker percussion (in preview after 08:05)
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