Beautiful Corporate Inspiration

Beautiful Corporate Inspiration

Bright, celebratory, cheerful corporate track. Great for TV, YouTube, business, corporate, corporation, and video about celebration, health, holiday, motivation, succes, summer, vacation.

This track can be described as beautiful, bouncy, carefree, cute, festive, fun, kind, melodic, merry.
Also, it perfect for collage, education, media, photo, slideshow, start up, videohive and video about birthday, discovery, ecology, family, freedom, lifestyle, love, medicine, recreation, tourism, travel.

Happy corporate, inspirational corporate, joyful corporate, motivational corporate, optimistic corporate, positive corporate, sunny corporate, uplifting corporate, corporate advertising, corporate commercial, corporate event, corporate marketing, corporate opening, corporate presentation, corporate promotion, corporate teaser, corporate trailer.

ZIP file contains:

  • Corporate Inspiration (Full Version) [2:00]
  • Corporate Inspiration (1-10) (Ver. 1) (Preview at 2:01)
  • Corporate Inspiration (1-10) (Ver. 2) (Preview at 3:12)
  • Corporate Inspiration (0-50) (Preview at 4:03)
  • Corporate Inspiration (0-30) (Preview at 4:54)

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