Corporate Inspiration Technology Pack

Corporate Inspiration Technology Pack

Motivation Pack

Motivation Pack – collection of four top quality modern and clean corporate ambient music tracks to present you with options, give you variety in editing process and a 50% savings all together! It’s light, uplifting, modern and motivational with a happy and business mood and well being atmosphere. Designed for a:

  • advertising/commercial
  • corporate video
  • inspiring presentation and infographics
  • lifestyle video
  • travel video
  • slideshow
  • digital marketing
  • promo video
  • innovation/technology video,
  • website
  • tutorial,
  • explainer,
  • gaming videos
  • vlog/series
  • and so many more!
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The pack consists of:

  1. Corporate Inspiration Technology (1:25 )
  2. Modern Corporate (1:24)
  3. Ambient Corporate (1:25)
  4. Ambient Corporation (1:26)