Corporate Folk Guitar for Commercial

Corporate Folk Guitar for Commercial

Corporate Folk Guitar for Commercial is an upbeat, uplifted acoustic music background. It features a piano, guitars, drums, bass, claps and a synth pad in the background.

Mood: Upbeat, optimistic, motivational, uplift

It is a music background instrumental suitable for:
  • Corporate videos, presentation, explainer, tutorial
  • Success story, portrait, product launch
  • Kickstarter, Indiegogo, crowdfunding campaign
  • Youtube videos, Vimeo, Facebook, Ads, Videohive
  • Broadcast, TV Commercial, Advertising

    2 versions included!

  • Corporate Folk Guitar for Commercial – Full version – 2:09
  • Corporate Folk Guitar for Commercial – Instrumental – 2:06

    About NirinaMusic

    Hey! My name is NirinA and I used to be a video maker for corporate / advertising projects and Youtuber. As a musician I was already making soundtracks for my videos then decided to start selling it on Audiojungle. And I got sales! ☺

    Today I am a full-time versatile artist selling soundtracks on Audiojungle as an Exclusive Author. Below are some Brands which featured my musics.

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