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Great track, warm sound, and, thank God, I can not hear ukelele! :)

))) Thanks, John!

Great works, mate! really good stuff! 8-)

Worth to be featured, sound very nice!

Yes, you’ve deserved to be featured to a while now. So glad you finally got featured. Good luck! :)

Thank you very much! :)

Congrats! Very nice music!!

I’m not used to comment any track (this is the first and maybe the last time I do it)...but listening to this track I thought good to make an exception.
This track is briliiant, really inspiring and in my opinion it’s a more touching way to conceive motivational and corporate music.
Congratulations and thanks for this marvellous tune!

Thank you very much Andrea! I really appreciate your feedback.

Dreamy sounds, Nice one!

Fantastic intro! Love the song, but the intro is my favorite part!

Thank you very much!

Light track!!! Positive composition!!! It’s my favorite track!!! Thanks Mikael!!!

Thanks! Glad you like it!

Very nice work!

This track is really touching, motivating and inspiring. Great enjoy just to listen to it!

Thank you very much!

Fantastic music!

Thank you very much :)