Corporate Ambient & Chill Pack

Corporate Ambient & Chill Pack

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successful business anthem

Song Info

A collection of 3 chilling and emotional songs with a cool and peaceful corporate vibe and a very special atmosphere. Powerful, uplifting and motivational synth and e-piano melodies with the addition of a string orchestra. Main instruments: synthesizer, e-piano, e-drumkit, string orchestra, e-guitars and acoustic drumkits.

This pack includes these 3 songs

1. Ocean Tides (100 bpm) Category: Corporate / Motivational 3:14
2. Starting All Over Again (127 bpm) Category: Ambient 5:48
3. Modern Concept (90 bpm ) Category: Ambient / Corporate 1:35

Song Structure

1. Ocean Tides 0:00
2. Ocean Tides (Rock & Guitar Edit) 3:13
3. Starting All Over Again 6:24
4. Modern Concept 12:11

Links to the individual songs

Ocean Tides
Starting All Over Again
Modern Concept

Audio Files Included

3 songs (including all songs as wav and mp3 versions)

1. Ocean Tides 3:14
2. Ocean Tides 3:11(Rock & Guitar Edit)
3. Starting All Over Again 5:48
4. Modern Concept 1:35

Combined Duration: 13:47

Hope you’ll enjoy this one !


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