Cop Killa

Cop Killa

This item is part of the Law & Disorder collection.

“…So i’m siting in the black ‘n’ white, dunking my donuts, and I see this pornstar gangster pimp rollin’ along in his Chevy Camaro in downtown ‘frisco. Now i wanna bust his ass. But no…Chief says we ain’t got sh*t on him! Nothing. Clean as a whistle. The D.A won’t prosecute, so how we gonna get this scum off da streets? Here’s what we go’n do … Stake Out. 24/7”.

This is a completely original composition and a faithful recreation of that 70s police cop sound, using elements of Phily Soul, Smooth night-time radio and a splashing of cool Detroit Soul. A full authentic sound paying homage to the likes of Marvin Gaye, Isaac Hayes, George Clinton and a little bit of Beastie Boys. It even includes a little homage to the movie ‘Kill Bill’ (see if you can hear it!)

‘Cop Killa’ Comes in two flavours:

Track 1: Cop Killa (Radio Sirens) – the full track as on preview with authentic police radio sirens in the background, and royalty-free vocal police radio soundbites and car screech sound fx.

Track 2: Cop Killa (Clean Version No Fx) – the same full track as on the preview with no police sirens, no radio talk, and no car screech effects.

‘The compositional arrangement includes:

- Full Horn section
- Classic Hammond Organ
- Tremelo Violins
- Live Background Vocals
- Super-tight rhythm section – completely ‘In The Pocket’
- 70s wahwah guitar and beastly ‘Isley Brothers’ type guitar
- and a dirty, dirty porn star jazz flute!

Recorded in pristine 16 bit, 44.1khz digital audio, and .mp3 at 320k bit rate

Watch the COP KILLA video here

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