Cool Summer Pack

Cool Summer Pack

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Fresh exclusive corporate pack for your media projects.

3 Tracks included:

  1. Dance (length 2:32)
  2. Passion for Fashion (length 2:54)
  3. Cool Hip Hop Beat (length 3:29)

The advertising business is always asking for a new, fresh, professional and modern sound. Being up-to-date is simply necessary to maintain your business at the top!

Consumers’ moods and emotional responses to advertisements have received increased attention from consumer researchers. A major component influencing audience responses is background music accompanying commercials. Music is one of the most powerful catalysts for creating an emotional connection with your audience. If your viewer has a connection to your company or message, then they will be naturally drawn in to discover the details and deepen their relationship with your project or brand.

Video marketing researches have come to certain results when it comes to background music. There are certain aspects that you should follow when choosing the right music for your project:

(1) Consider the role of music – Decide what role music will play in your video. Should the music support or drive the messaging?

(2) If you still don’t know it, be sure to do a research about who your costumers or audience are. For example: this song won’t have the same effect on businessman as it would have on a 6 year old child: Corporate Visions

(3) Think about what kind of mood do you want to provoke in your costumer/audience. Here you can spot the difference between a song that will motivate your costumer, and a song that will transmit the feeling of happiness (which should result in action). Motivational and Happy

(4) Choose music that will be recognizable. For example: Happy Whistle Fun

This is where our music stands out. Every single track that is in our stock music library was made with care and with great passion for the music itself. We believe that every project presentation, every product presentation, every idea presentation needs great background music.

Music is our passion. Making you happy is our satisfaction.

We bring you fresh, good, inspiring, happy, clean, cool, modern music every week!

Providing a large high quality stock music library in different genres is our main goal. There is always a fresh uplifting corporate track, a happy joyful acoustic track, an epic energetic, dramatic cinematic track, a powerful modern dubstep, hip hop track, a catchy pop track, a cool modern EDM track in our library.

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Have fun on our portfolio!

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