Competition & Sports Energy Rock

Competition & Sports Energy Rock


The energetic sports rock with competition vibes for action projects, powerful sports movies, or challenge videos.
It engages audience with its exciting feel, a sporty atmosphere and an energetic vibe.

Punchy hybrid drums, rock guitars with energizing riffs, some exciting “hey” vocal samples, and a powerful sport vibe creates energetic fitness feel.

This sound will really set the tone for any exciting sports videos or competition show movies.

MOOD: energetic music, powerful and strong, sporty and exciting.
FEATURES: modern drums, rock guitars, energetic vibe
GENRE: Sports Rock.
SUITED FOR it’s a powerful and energetic theme, this could provide a great background track for a wide range of project work including:

  • An action opener
  • Powerful radio \ tv show background
  • Youtube fitness vlog
  • Challenge soundtrack
  • Competition commercial
  • Sports game background and more
There are five individual files in the pack:
  • Competition & Sports Energy Rock – 2:26
  • Minute Mix – 1:03, (2:26 in the preview).
  • Short Mix – 0:33, (3:30 in the preview).
  • Loop – 0:17, (4:03 in the preview).
Make your own mix with this flexible music kit: Competition & Sports Energy Rock Kit
Get it in a music pack: Fitness & Sports Rock Pack