Comedy Ragtime Piano Pack

Comedy Ragtime Piano Pack

“Comedy Ragtime Piano Pack” description:
Current collection consists of 3 of my bestselling comedy tracks (each comes in 2 versions).
This kind of music used to be heard in wild west saloons, usually with sounds of breaking glass, screams, gunshots and stuff… It’s called Ragtime, and it was played on an upright piano, or automatic, player piano. The first films also used this type of music, mainly for comic purposes, everybody knows Charlie Chaplin…

1. Ragtime (includes 2 versions):

  • a. Ragtime – 2:08
  • b. Ragtime [vintage] – 2:08

2. Old Comedy Piano (includes 2 versions):

  • a. Old Comedy Piano – 2:25
  • b. Old Comedy Piano [vintage] – 2:25

3. Silent Movie Piano (includes 2 versions):

  • a. Silent Movie Piano – 2:26
  • b. Silent Movie Piano [vintage] – 2:26

“a” versions are played on a relatively modern piano recorded on tape, they are less noisy.
“b” versions are played on an upright vintage piano, recorded on a vinyl, so they have crackles and hiss.

These tracks will suit a wide range of video material including and not limited to:

  • Comedy video
  • TV advertisement
  • TV show opener
  • Commercial
  • Funny compilation
  • Gaming video
  • Documentary
  • YouTube video

If you’re looking for more tracks like this – check out my portfolio! Thanks for choosing our track!