Comedy Pack

Comedy Pack

Comedy Pack - 1

A bundle of 3 upbeat action adventure comedy songs! These cool and curious songs are perfect for funny commercials, sneaky adventures, quirky cartoons, detective scenes, spy movies, kids action movies, fun video games, heist movies, action scenes, light-hearted pursuits, secret agent missions, retro thrillers, kids games, noir films, and much more!!

Songs included:

1. Secret Agent (4 versions included) – 1:30
A cool and sneaky retro jazz song that features a snappy bass-line, upbeat percussion, marimbas, vibraphone, woodwinds, strings, horns, saxophones, funky electric guitar rhythms, and a swinging cool electric jazz guitar solo! It sounds like something you’d hear in James Bond, Mission Impossible, or the Pink Panther.

Included Versions of “Secret Agent”:

  • Secret Agent – Full Length Version – 1:30
  • Secret Agent – 60 Second Commercial Version – 1:00
  • Secret Agent – 30 Second Commercial Version – 0:30
  • Secret Agent – Looping Version – 0:52

  • 2. The Detective – 1:35
    A funny and quirky jazz song that’s perfect for cartoons, commercials, games, comedy, suspense, action, and adventure! It’s playful with a bit of an edge!

    3. The Spy (3 versions included) – 2:10
    Featuring a jazzy baseline, upbeat percussion, marimbas, woodwinds, a saxophone, and a swinging cool electric jazz guitar solo… This song is suitable for quirky commercials, funny cartoons, detective scenes, spy movies, kids games, humorous action scenes, sneaky adventures, secret agent missions, and much more!!

    Included Versions of “The Spy”:

  • The Spy – Full Length Version – 2:10
  • The Spy – 60 Second Commercial Version – 1:00
  • The Spy – Looping Version – 1:28

  • WAV and MP3 versions of all songs are included.  photo 30-pixel-gap_zpsn6kytnyc.png photo happyface-portfolio-final_zpspl5kst1c.png photo happyface-best-sellers-final_zps2m8vosbu.png photo happyface-similar-songs-final_zpsyqsatvk7.png photo 30-pixel-gap_zpsn6kytnyc.png  photo follow-happy-face-final_zps8zvtu7oj.png photo 30-pixel-gap_zpsn6kytnyc.png