Color Your Life

Color Your Life

The collaboration between YUAR and SOUNDROLL brings you another great song.


A modern and fresh pop song with female vocals. Electronic synths blended with live electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar.


Every new day is your chance
Your clear and wide expanse
Your blank canvas where you can paint your happiness

Splash some disarming smile,
Love and hope and all worthwhile
Things in your life that you wish to be endless

Don’t forget infectious laugh
And the yellow sun above
Will light up everything around

You can color your life
In any colors you like

Be yourself and always know
With every new mistake you grow
And learn to face everyday problems with a grin

Don’t give up on what is true
After fall stand up anew
Don’t loose your faith in life and you will win

Life’s not always black and white
Make it colorful and bright
Every moment just believe

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