Club Music 6 Pack

Club Music 6 Pack

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If you want real club appeal to spice up your next project, you need original sounds that will make your audience move. You can grab 6 popular OhmLab tracks that span the spectrum of nightlife music for one low price. That’s almost 20 minutes of music! From sweet Lo-fi and Trance to deep House and even Warped club tracks, this bundle has the sounds and beats that will captivate the viewer and/or listener and help bring your work to life in a new and exciting way. All six songs have been designed to enhance and support your project, rather than dominate or overpower, and are looped seamlessly for easier extended play. This incredible deal is at a huge savings for a limited time and includes the following popular tracks:

1. Lo-Fi Thump: Time – 2:40

2. Club Scene: Time – 2:20

3. Killer Club: Time – 2:32

4. Ancient Club: Time – 5:07

5. Whirling Trance: Time – 4:00

6. Warped Club: Time – 3:04

1. Lo-Fi Thump: Time – 2:40 Lo-Fi Thump is a track well suited for both commercial and non-commercial, business or personal use. With a driving beat and thumping bass line, it will enhance and support any project with an upbeat, cutting edge or modern appeal. Perfect for television and internet commercials it can also be used in YouTube videos and viral shorts. With a very catchy lead keyboard melody and plenty of rhythm instruments ranging from electronic drums and percussion to creative glitch sounds, it keeps the listener entranced and really caught up in what is on the screen. Use it for a product introduction or in the club, Lo-Fi Thump can be successful in film, TV, radio podcasting, on the web and many other types of broadcasting. Running 2:40 in length, this track is perfectly looped for continuous play and can be easily mixed in and out of. Also available in many different formats, times, and mixes upon request.

2. Club Scene: Time – 2:20 This bass heavy electronic track is made to bring the feel of the club to any project. From film and video to podcasts and radio shows, this piece is truly unique and will without a doubt cause your audience to stop and take notice. It is energetic and infectious. This track is also available in longer and shorter formats, as well as remixes, upon request.

3. Killer Club: Time – 2:32 This track is sure to add life to your project. It has some serious beats, driving bass lines, unexpected changes and a groove that won’t quit. With several effects and unique sounds layered together to provide a range of rhythms and emotions it is a great fit for any upbeat, urban, nightlife, or modern scene. It is also looped seamlessly for extended play. Several alternate versions available upon request.

4. Ancient Club: Time – 5:07 If ancient aboriginals had a club scene, maybe the sounds emanating from within would go something like this. A deep and earthy bass pulses throughout this percussion heavy track, while didgeridoo and layers of natural ambient sounds blend to give this song a real groove. It’s a great match for a late night urban scene, outdoor group scene or project full of action and movement. This piece is also looped for extended play. Alternate versions available upon request.

5. Whirling Trance: Time – 4:00 Whirling Trance got its name from the hypnotic cross channel panning effects and warped reverbs of the main synth that give it the unique feel and sound of hearing club music while twirling on the dance floor. Blending traditional african percussion with contemporary electronic dance music, this track is full of upbeat energy and will bring any modern project to life. Whether you work in film, video, online, gaming, radio, TV or any other entertainment medium Whirling Trance will grab your audience’s attention and thrust them into your project and keep them riveted all the way through to the end. Running 4:00 in length, it is perfectly looped for extended play and easy to fade in and out of. This track is also available in alternate mixes and varying durations upon request.

6. Warped Club: Time – 3:04 Guitar and synth sounds combine to create a floating, almost euphoric feeling while the deep house thump of the drums make you move. Warped Club is a melding of a couple styles most would think clash, but this track proves otherwise. In fact, beautiful melodies shine through with subtle glitch elements to carry the listener beyond the dissonance and heavy effect laden rhythms that drive the song forward in a darker club fashion. This piece is perfect for just about any medium including film, video, web, television, podcasting or radio. It has a unique style and sound, so it will grab your audience without overpowering your scene and provide the groove you need. Alternate versions, loops and varying lengths are available upon request.

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