Classical Guitar Pack Vol.1

Classical Guitar Pack Vol.1

This pack is a compilation of positive classical guitar music, each track has a very delightful mood. Generally, a state of music in this pack can be described in such words as: happy, positive, melodic, pleasant and kind.

Pack contains (featuring files both high quality wav and mp3 formats in order as shown in preview):

1. Gallant Guitar Advertising – 1:35

Very light and positive classical guitar music with uplifted mood. This piece is written in a major key, has kind and positive melodies, simple and nice chord progressions, pleasant and easy state. From 0:46 till 1:10 of the music starts in a bit more delicate and graceful manner, mood of this part is very kind, melodies are accurate and neat. Right after starts a reprise of the main melodic theme with a little tempo slowdown at the end for making it sound completed.

2. Glorious Classical Guitar – (starts at 1:37 of the preview) – 1:13

Uplifted classical guitar music piece. Starts with an ascending melody, very positive and confident in a moderate tempo, that leads to chord arpeggios at 0:20, more fluent, playful and fun, though very accurate and elegant; at 0:40 starts the main melody again with the same nice and gentle character and all ends up with coda at 0:59 – built with chord arpeggios and passages forming a conclusion to the basic structure with barely noticeable tempo slowdown at the end.

3. Jocular Classical Guitar – (starts at 2:51 of the preview) – 2:03

Track starts with an accurate melody, very nice and charming, built on simple and positive chord progression; at 0:27 starts a little more playful happy and uplifted part with positive melodic lines and inspiring mood, a bit more fluent, frisky and coquettish; at 0:40 starts the reprise of main melody. A new character and mood enters at 0:54 – music here is real fun, melody and harmony are kind and super positive – that all makes it sound like a musical merry-go-round. From 1:21 till the very end is a reprise of the first part of the piece.

4. Light Guitar – (starts at 4:56) – 1:54

This track combines several musical lines united by common mood : 0:00 – 0:15 – nice storytelling, very kind and pleasant, melody is very soft, no sudden jumps, character is very plain, music is very clear; 0:15 – 0:29 – a bit more uplifting musical idea, with bright melodic line, agitated state (tempo is the same though), has lighter and more emotional character; 0:29 – 0:49 – kind of a conclusion of melodic and harmonic ideas of both previous parts, music is very melodic, uplifted, emotional and at the same time very steady and peaceful. At 0:49 is a reprise of a main theme almost without changes, after which goes a minor part – very tender and romantic part of the piece, music here is really tender, soft and accurate, a bit melancholic. And again at 1:32 music brings us back to the main melody line which ends with confident major chords.

This music will be suitable for different TV and radio placements, promotional branding videos, advertising, photo and video presentations, YouTube videos, podcasts and channel advertisers, as a movie or series soundtrack and background music, various media projects, slide shows, videohive previews, video presentations, video and mobile games, commercials and certainly much more.

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