Circus Show Parade

Circus Show Parade

Circus style music with a positive and playful feeling – and a touch of nostalgic but happy atmosphere.
Featuring vintage drums (including drum roll), bass, brass instruments and piano.
The melody in the last part is played by a tuba.

The sound could be used, for example, as a background track in an acrobatic or trapezoid show. The drum rolls are well suited to boost the feel of tension and expectation. If you like to place these rolls individually, you can use the isolated version – provided as well in the download file (please see list below).


Main Version – 1:46
Intro (drum-roll) – 0:11
Melody with tuba, followed by the outro – 0:33

Both WAV and MP3 versions of the tracks are included in the download package.

Planning to use this music in a YouTube Video?
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It ensures that only licensed users (for example, you as a buyer) can use this music free of advertisements showing up.

Be assured that I make it as simple as possible for you.
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