Cinematic Trailer Sound FX Variety Pack

Cinematic Trailer Sound FX Variety Pack

A selection of powerful, edgy sounds that will help accentuate your trailers, promos, commercials and logos.

There are 3 groups of 5 effects. The 3 groups are Shocking Hits, Backward FX, and Whooshes / Swooshes. In the Backward FX and Whooshes / Swooshes groups, there are also some variations of each effect. In total there are 30 files for you in this variety pack, and represent a big cost reduction than buying each effect individually.

I hope you will find some of these useful. All effects are demonstrated in the preview file (in the order below), and all come in 320kbps MP3 or WAV .

In addition, if you like the cinematic quality of these effects, you might find that they go well with this music pack.

Trailer Music Variety Pack

Sound FX – Individual Listing.

1.Shocking Trailer Hit 5

2.Backwards FX 1

3.Deep Whoosh 1

4.Shocking Trailer Hit 1

5.Backwards FX 2

6.Deep Whoosh 2

7.Shocking Trailer Hit 2

8.Backwards FX 3

9.Deep Whoosh 3

10.Shocking Trailer Hit 3

11.Backwards FX 4

12.Deep Whoosh 4

13.Shocking Trailer Hit 4

14.Backwards FX 5

15.High Swoosh